Attachment-Based Workshops for individuals and couples

Understanding Avoidant Attachment

Early experiences with caregivers may have left those with an avoidant attachment style feeling neglected or rejected. In order to protect themselves, these individuals learn early that it is safest to disconnect from the very human need to connect. This can be a painful experience for those with an avoidant attachment style looking to enter or maintain a relationship, and for those of us who are in a relationship with someone who has this attachment style.

This workshop will focus on how the avoidant attachment style shows up in adult romantic relationships, the challenges that an arise and common relationship patterns, as well as ways to support those with this attachment style.



The goal of this workshop is walk away with a deep understanding of the avoidant attachment style so that we can have more compassion and empathy for ourselves or those we are in relationship with. This understanding can lead to powerful shifts in the way we show up in our relationship and help us to break free of the push/pull dynamic that can be so common when we are in relationship with someone who has an avoidant attachment style or are avoidant ourselves.



Facilitator: Casey Armstrong
Date: March 20th 10am-11:30pm PST
Cost: $45


Understanding and Healing attachment: Workshop for couples

When one or more partner has an insecure attachment style, finding safety and security in the relationship can be challenging. This 2-hour workshop is for partners who are seeking to begin or continue to understand and heal from their attachment. 


Delivered by Casey (anxious) and David (avoidant) this workshop is an intimate exploration of how we can use our relationship as a way to support growth and secure attachment.

Do you find yourself caught in a push/pull dynamic in your relationship? One of you reaches out for closeness, and the other pulls away? Maybe you find yourself caught in the same argument, over and over again, with no idea how you got there. These can be painful and frustrating cycles to get caught up in and it can feel like no matter how much we love the other person or how hard we try, there is no escaping.


This workshop first focuses on understanding what is beneath these common patterns through the lens of attachment and the biology of human arousal. When we begin to understand how we are wired, we begin to understand why it is these patterns arise. For many of us, these patterns formed early in life and are not something we can simply will ourselves out of.



Facilitators: Casey Armstrong and David Renaud, RSW
Date: TBD*
Cost: $75
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